A Practical Review of Huawei’s Honor 9 Lite

While high-end smartphones and mid-range phones as the vivo v9 gold are exciting, they are usually predictable. The real excitement is in the budget phone sector. Although you cannot expect a race to the bottom, there’s a race to getting the phone with the most features at a fair price. The Honor 9 Lite qualifies in this criterion.

Huawei’s Honor 9 Lite features a tall aspect ratio display and four cameras, which makes it different from the Honor 9. As long as you want to stick to the standard in terms of display screens, the phone is a better purchase than the Honor 7x. At around $280 with great hardware and Android 8.0 Oreo, the phone is absolutely the budget phone to buy. Let’s take a look at the best features of this phone:


The Honor 9 Lite price is quite light and compact; however, has a huge display. Although just a bit wider and taller than the Pixel 2, you will need big hands to navigate through the entire thing. Its fingerprint scanner is brilliant. Huawei has been known for packing fast and accurate fingering sensors into their phones. There are also extra features associated with it like the notification tray access. With such little touches, it will be easy and enjoyable for users to interact with other aspects of the phone.

When it comes to the display, there is nothing bad to say as it is quite nice. The default color mode has deep blacks and vivid colors. This provides an eye comfort mode that will charm up everything.


With the EMUI 8.0, users will have varying opinions. It is still bold and bright and there is no app drawer out front. However, you have the option to add an app drawer in settings and you can choose from many themes from the Play Store if you want to change things. As the phone runs the latest EMUI 8.0 on top of Android 8.0 Oreo, it makes the phone surprising on a budget model.


The Honor 9 Lite boasts a pair of sensors on both of its sides and the same 13 MP + 2MP arrangement in both. With this arrangement, the front-facing camera is able to shoot on a portrait mode. The camera app on this phone is the same as what you would find in other Huawei or Honor phones. HDR, moving photos, filters, manual video and photo modes, time lapse and other features are present.