SEO Jobs & Salaries To Drop In 2016, But SEO Remains Even More Important

For more than a while now, “SEO Specialist,” or a variation of the role, has been a highly sought-after role.

Since the practice and role has been fairly new in comparison to other, well-established positions, there was an influx of demand for SEO-related jobs with many companies unaware how much they should even pay someone in the role.

But things are changing, as a new study from Conductor reveals. Titled “2016 Inbound Marketing Jobs Salary Guide,” the report has predicted that, for the first time in 4 years, the demand for inbound marketing jobs will actually decrease in 2016. Salaries are expected to decrease as well, a sharp contrast from the last three years where SEO-related job salaries kept growing.

To give you some exact figures, in the top twenty cities within the U.S., the number of SEO-related jobs will drop by 7% and overall salaries will dip by a full 6%.

Remains Even More Important

You shouldn’t believe this to be a sign of a lack of demand for SEO-skills, or a lowered need for proper SEO practices, however, as the report’s authors explain. Rather, the dip in demand for inbound marketing positions simply means that SEO-related tasks are actually becoming more important. Truly knowledgeable SEO professionals will become that much more valuable as SEO continues to grow in importance for an online business or company.

As Conductor explains, “Instead of existing as a siloed function, SEO is expanding into a common skill, universally featured among different roles.”

So, instead of SEO being handled by a single specialist, SEO-related tasks are being infused into other roles. For example, a social media specialist may be hired who also will be tasked with handling the SEO for blog posts and content. SEO related skills will become that much more desirable, valuable and sought after.

With that, SEO is becoming less of a fixed role, but an even more important skill-set for a variety of positions, at least according to Conductor’s predictions. As such, more and more individuals working in the digital field will need SEO experience, especially if they want to seem desirable to companies seeking employees with a balanced range of skills. This is all just further proof at how important SEO is to our digital world.