Tips for Preparing Your Home for Sale

Have you decided the time is right to sell your home? Whether you are down-sizing, up-sizing or moving across the country, selling a home can be both physically and emotionally daunting. The first step is to enlist the services and recommendations of an experienced real estate agent. Be prepared to roll up your sleeves and do some serious work to prepare your home to sell for maximum dollar. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and select a pair of comfortable shoes form the huge selection available from Sperry Topsider. Your feet will thank you.

Strong curb appeal sets the stage for most prospective buyers. This can either be positive or negative. Stand across the street from your home and take a critical look at the curb appeal. Note any issues with the landscaping or deferred maintenance. Trim all the hedges and shrubs to below the height of the windows and away from walkways and driveways. Trim tree branches to at least eight to ten feet above the ground. Power-wash the driveway and walkways. Apply fresh pine straw or pine bark as needed. Update the front porch lighting, mailbox, house numbers and welcome mat. This sets the stage for entry into your home and you want this area to be as welcoming as possible. Address any deferred maintenance issues with the doors, shutters, gutters, etc.

On the interior, make a priority of addresses clutter in the closets and open spaces. Too much clutter is a signal to buyers that there is insufficient storage space in your home. Apply a fresh coat of paint to the entire interior in a soft, neutral color. Ensure all appliances, including the HVAC systems are in proper working order. Shine the windows in the interior and exterior. Steam clean all flooring including carpets and hardwood floors. Power-clean bathrooms and kitchen. These are some of the most important rooms in the home and their condition can make or break a potential buyer’s decision.

Finally, if there are lingering odors in your home, avoid the temptation to mask them with air fresheners. Locate the source and address it. Leave the windows open with fans running as needed. Best of luck to you in securing top dollar for your property and good luck with your move!