Why You Need to Use an Experienced Drink Driving Lawyer

Drink driving is a serious crime and if you have been caught while driving over the legal limit for alcohol consumption, then you should seek legal assistance as quickly as possible. A good lawyer will work on your behalf to fight your case and they will take you through all of the possible punishments, as well as provide you with important information about your case such as what documents you need and when you have to go to court. If you still need to find a lawyer to represent you, then you can search for experienced drink driving lawyers in Sydney by conducting an online search and you can simply replace the place name with the name of the area where you are based.

where you based

It is worth noting that the laws for drink driving vary depending on which state you live in and you will need to get a lawyer who specialises in the law in different parts of the country to best represent your case.

For example, a lawyer based in New South Wales should be used if you live in the NSW region as they will be familiar with the laws specifically for that area.

Let’s take a look at some of the possible punishments that are handed out to drink drivers:

possible punishments

  • Licence revoked
  • A driving ban
  • A criminal record
  • A prison sentence
  • A fine

Repeat offenders will usually be treated more harshly than first time offenders and how far over the legal limit you are will also often affect how strong the punishment is.

Prescribed Concentration of Alcohol (PCA)

The police will test your blood in order to determine how far over the legal limit you are. The PCA represents the amount of alcohol that is found in every 100 ml of your blood and once you have had your PCA measured, you will be given a certificate by the police that you need to take away with you to present to your lawyer. This certificated is usually printed onto a piece of A4 paper in blue-coloured print and a strip of paper that looks similar to a receipt will be attached to it.

Prescribed Concentration of Alcohol

Finding a Good Lawyer

The punishment handed out to you will partly depend on how far over the limit you were, what happened as a result of you driving drunk and if you have a history of driving drunk but it will also depend on how good your lawyer is. An experienced lawyer will be able to offer you the following:

  • A free evaluation of your case
  • On-going support and advice
  • A consultation service where they will advise you on your possible punishments
  • Help through the court process

Finding Good Lawyer

They will fight for your case on your behalf which is why you need to ensure they have a good reputation and your character, your history, your age, your health and any extenuating circumstances surrounding your case will all affect the outcome.